Meta title NSS

A domain's Meta title NSS (normalised similarity score) provides a numerical value for how similar in meaning its meta title is to the meta title of the principal domain.

NOTE It is not always possible to obtain metadata for a domain, so this score is not always available for every domain in a report.

Calculating Meta title NSS

We use OpenAI to compare meta title texts, and report the similarity as a normalised score between 0 and 1. For example, consider this meta title:

Personal - Bank of Elbonia UK

Here are some sample comparison scores:

Meta title Meta title NSS
Bank of Elbonia - Begin 0.9482
Bank of Kneebonia | Mortgages | Existing Customers 0.9242
Compare travel money - Today's best exchange rates online 0.8881
Seo Link Directory - Improve link popularity 0.8558

In practice, almost all Meta title NSS scores are between 0.7 and 1, or zero (zero scores occur when it has not been possible to obtain metadata for a domain). Only scores of 0.9 or above should be regarded as 'significant' when considering this metric.

Visualising Meta title NSS

In the main visualisation of a report interactive, the 'Meta title NSS' view re-colours the domains to indicate if their scores are significant or not.

Viewing Meta title NSS values

All worksheets in the MS Excel file for a report that list domains contain a Meta title NSS column for this attribute.