Eco[system] rank max

A domain's Eco rank max score is what our data partner believes to be its 'domain authority', or rank. Because rank can vary depending on the context, this value reflects the highest rank score for that domain encountered in this ecosystem (due to the sampling methodology, rank scores may not be available for principal and/or competitor domains with no outbound links).

Interpreting Eco rank max scores

Eco rank max scores are on a scale from 0 to 1000:

Rank score Description
25-35 This score is usually received by newly created domains with a small number of backlinks
200-300 This score is usually received by large domains with a big number of backlinks from authoritative pages
500+ This score is usually received by huge domains with a significant number of backlinks from authoritative pages; very few domains in our database have such rank scores

Visualising Eco rank max

In the main visualisation of a report interactive, the 'Eco rank max' view re-colours the domains to indicate their Eco rank max values in bands. This re-colouring is relative, not absolute, so 'Very high' means very high in the context of this ecosystem (not the wider web).

Viewing Eco rank max values

All worksheets in the MS Excel file for a report that list domains contain an Eco rank max column for this attribute.