Consider disavowing

Domains listed in the consider disavowing list are principal referrer or shared referrer domains that should be considered for disavowing with Google because backlinks from these domains may actually harm the principal domain's ranking. These domains have elevated Eco spam max scores, as well as meeting other eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

Typically, to appear in the consider for disavowing list, a domain must meet these criteria:

A domain can also appear in this list because it appears in the automatic consider disavowing list.

For example, in the following illustration, domains A, B, C, D, E, and F all have a distance of 1 from the principal domain (which appears at the centre):

One of these domains is immediately ineligible:

In the main visualisation of a report interactive, the 'Eco spam max' view re-colours the domains to indicate their Eco spam max scores. Dark grey indicates a zero score (the best), and then bands from yellow to red indicate progressively higher scores.

Domains C and E have an Eco spam max score of zero, which immediately renders them ineligible for the consider disavowing list. Domain F has an Eco spam max score in the 31-59 range, but it is in the whitelist. So, only domains A and D will appear in the consider disavowing list.

Visualising the Consider disavowing list

In the main visualisation of a report interactive, the 'Consider disavowing' view re-colours all domains to indicate their Eco spam max values in bands. All domains NOT in the Consider disavowing list are dimmed.

Viewing the Consider disavowing list domains

The consider_disavowing worksheet in the MS Excel file for a report contains full details of all domains in the Consider disavowing list.